Jessica George

Jessica has been making crafts ever since she was little. In her house hold arts and crafts were encouraged. She was lucky enough to have had art lessons in painting, pottery, and ceramics. She dabbled in many of the crafts out there: stain glass, glass blowing, pottery, painting, drawing, jewelry making, woodworking, leather working, sewing, and everything in between. She also likes to take old things and repurpose them into something new. Her sister and her started reupholstering and reusing items five years ago using old and even broken items and turning them into something else. She likes looking at items and figuring out what can be made out of them, whether it is old or new. She always likes trying new types of crafts and styles usually trying to make something that her mom or sisters saw and would like. Pinterest has made that a frequent reoccurrence. Where there is a will and an imagination, there is always a way.


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